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Why choose a hot stone massage?

Imagine the sensation of the hot stones on your skin, whilst having the tension relieved from your muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

My name is Karen and I am a beauty therapist at The Edge Health and Beauty Centre. Although I love most treatments, I especially enjoy holistic therapies such as massage. I have been massaging for nearly 8 years now and the most common type of massage that clients tend to book with me is a Swedish style, back, neck and shoulder massage. This is an amazing technique where various movements are used such as Kneading, tapping, effleurage, vibrations and friction.

All are used to relieve stress and tension to the muscles & soft tissues, but also to the mind. Clients always leave feeling relaxed, calm with a sense of well-being as their targeted areas have been worked on.

Four years ago despite loving Swedish massage, I was intrigued to learn about other styles, particularly the hot stone massage.

I attended a week’s course at Cotswold academy having no prior knowledge or having received the treatment myself. At this point I was very sceptical as I have only ever heard negative comments from people, where they experienced the hot stones have literally just been placed on their backs with no intervention or touch from the therapist.

I was quick to learn that this wasn’t to be the case at all on my course. The training I received involved actually using the heated stones in your hands to massage the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

It was very extensive and extremely interesting learning about the The History Of Hot Stone Massage (massagemag.com) On my final day I received a full body hot stone massage which I can honestly say was the best treatment I have ever had. I have never felt so relaxed and calm and almost felt like I was having an out of body experience.

During the initial consultation it was advised not to drive home straight away as you can often feel very spaced out, this was most definitely the case….​ That night I slept the best I had slept in a very long time.

So why choose a hot stone massage?  Since completing my training I have suggested to my clients to try a Hot stone massage at least once to make up their own minds. I have explained my personal experience, and how amazing the heat from the stones helped me to relax and enjoy the experience more than I could have imagined.

Most clients have been sceptical like I was, but with some reassurance and an explanation of the treatment, they have continued to book.

I can honestly say that most of my clients have loved it and have rebooked again and again.

The other benefits to a hot stone massage include:

  • Relief of muscle and joint tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Aids digestion
  • Detoxifying
  • Helps stress and anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Recommended to help with treatment for arthritis and fibromyalgia

How will I feel after the treatment? Following​ your hot stone treatment you feel very relaxed, whether it was a deep pressure or a relaxing massage, you will instantly feel the benefits.

On the day of your treatment, we suggest that you don’t plan too much, and make sure you drink plenty of water to help rehydrate and eliminate toxins. It is also important to avoid alcohol and make sure that you eat.

It is normal to feel a bit tender for a few days after your massage, especially in the areas that have been worked on. I would recommend avoiding your normal workout and try a relaxing bath with Epsom bath salts Epsom Spa Salts 1kg Pouch – The Edge (theedgeonline.biz

If after this blog you fancy giving it a try, please contact the salon to book or to discuss the treatment further or book here.